Fabric System

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With the Fabric System you can make a great impact with a backwall in your own size, shape and height.  Choose between straight, inner and outer curves.  Do you want to change the image or size?  No problem, re-use the hardware for years and simply put on a new graphic.  The structure is easily built and the fabric is attached in working height before it is lifted.


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Telescopic height, robust and easy to use.


The telescopic pole is mounted on a stable base.


Easy connection of profiles without tools.


The edge of the graphic is folded around the profile and secured with a spring clip.


With flexible joints, each pole can be lowered separately which enable easy handling of complex shapes.


The silicone edges at the top and bottom of the graphic are easily slides into the profiles. 

Product Combinations


Height (inches)49 - 114
Length Straight Section (inches)43 5/16
Length Curved 15° Inside (inches)43 5/16
Length Curved 15° Outside (inches)43 5/16
Length Curved 90° Inside (inches)51 3/16
# of PolesMax Building Width
2 Poles Straight14.4 ft
2 Poles Curved 15° 10.8 ft
3 Poles Curved 15° 21.6 ft
3 Poles Straight21.6 ft
3 Poles Curved 90° + Straight18.7 ft
Weight excl graphics and profiles 
2 Poles Soft Bag36 lbs
2 Poles Standard Case XL64 lbs
3 Poles Standard Case XL77 lbs

Set Up

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