4 Brochure


4 Brochure consists of brochure pockets on a transparent fabric. The stand rolls up easily and is transported in a practical and discreet bag. The system is built on the same principle as the 4 Screen display system, making it highly stable and user-friendly. It weighs only 1.7 kg.


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 The 4 Brochure is a complete brochure holder that comes in a practical case for storage and transportation.  The package includes foot, fabric, supporting rod and case.

 4 Brochure weighs only 1,7 kg and takes no space.  The fabric with pockets is simply rolled up.


No. of brochure pockets48
Width (inches)11.522
Height (inches)58.558.5
Depth (inches)1212
Weight (lbs)3.74.2
Max Load75 sheets/pocket50 sheets/pocket
Case Dimensions (inches)22x16x322x16x3
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
No. of Brochure Pockets:

4, 8

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