Flat Base & Magnet Frame


Flat Base is the new best friend of our popular Magnet Frame, designed to give it a super-stylish base, hiding the screws underneath the system.

Magnet Frame is a double-sided frame for rollable, easily transported panels. The graphic is mounted securely in just seconds through magnetic force, and a discreet aluminium strip frames it. It can also be used with Panel Base.


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 Flat Base gives the graphic a stylish, frameless base.

 The panels are easily attached with magnetic tape.

 Double sided system for double exposure.

Product Combinations


ModelFlat Base 400Flat Base 610
Total Width (inches)16 1/424 1/2
Total Depth (inches) 10 1/410 1/4
Weight (lbs)2.43.7
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Frame Size (mm):

400×1600, 400×1800, 610×1600, 610×1800

Flat Base Size (mm):

400, 610

Mag Tape:

No Thanks, Yes (98 ft roll)

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